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About Us

PT.Assami Ananda Mandiri is one of the leading recruitment in Indonesia. With few representatives in Middle East, leading Recruitment Agencies is currently doing business with most of the Middle East and poised for even greater expansion in the global market.

Currently we have developed their institutions of labor supply only half the ordinary into skill, skill and highly skills workforce provider. With assessors and trainers that are qualified and experienced, we will be able to contribute in building Indonesian workers most qualified and competent, to meet the needs of the market.

Vision & Mission


To be the best in creating, providing, and placing Indonesian Professionals manpower with integrity based, productivity and excellence.


To improve the standard of living, the dignity of Indonesian Manpower which have productive work ethic with these steps:

1. Conduct training and program quality improvement by applying an approach to job competency.
2. Renewing training data Developing systems and curriculum training
3. To keep developing human resources
Build cooperation with third parties



In performing this service to the client we will assist in determining the job description, the experience requirements of the applicant, and the total compensation package for the position. We will then conduct the search indicated by the total assessment performed.

Psychological Evaluation

To have skillful workforce which we can rely on is hard things to do; Nowadays, hard and technical skills are not enough. Light skill and great personality are also greatly affecting individual’s performance in achieving goals. Using psychology as a science that seeks and understand in depth to comprehensive human as a whole with science method so we can achieved a high accuracy. A psychology evaluation become a great tools to measure and distinguish employee’s behavior with others. Therefore, a psychological evaluation can help a company to see the strengths and weakness.

Training & Development

A skillful, productive, and professional of human resources is our concern. Therefore, preparing and developing a great Human Resource whom skillful, reliable, and high quality is a learning process as a key to think or for human being to behave. Learning is constant relative changes as a result from practice and learning. Training becomes one of the tools that company can give to encourage and simplify the learning process of an employee.


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